MAY 19, 2023 //

@ Added a new 404 page!.

MAY 12, 2023 //

@ Updates to the SINGULARITY page.

I wanted to stray from using pre-rendered footage for this page for I can lessen down thew loading time and have more control of what I wanted to do. The particles are now interactable!

MAY 10, 2023 //

@ Updates to the SINGULARITY page.

Added some more songs to the pile!

@ Updates to the ResourcesAndTools page.

Added a logo for the page!

MAY 09, 2023 //

@ Updates to the MAIN page.

Finally fixed the clock to be 12-hour time!

APR 05, 2023 //

@ Updates to the MAIN page.

The STARSHOCK button has been removed from the page until further notice. The developement for the game has ceased and I'll put it back once I get bakc to working on it!

@ Minor updates to the SINGULARITY page.

Hue Spectrum Cycle colors got changed to make it a little more closer to the views of the rainbow :3

APR 03, 2023 //

@ Bye bye Yesterweb ring!!

Removed the ring off the MAIN page. Saw that the Yesterweb ring got discontinued unfortunately. Twas an honor!

@ Added 2 new rings to the MAIN page.

bucket and melonland surf club!

@ Added a random / surf button to the BUTTONDEX.

I've always wanted to add a surf button to the dex. There's so many buttons on the page so why not test your luck and press a button to go a random page from the dex's list!

APR 01, 2023 //

@ I hope you didn't think I was going to do a April Fools update lol

Well honestly.. I forgot to do that lmao

MAR 15, 2023 //

@ Added a new 404 page.

I guess it's the first time I actually mention a 404 page update / addition. Some of them I put lots of time into, and some I just made for the meme! Good luck finding them all..?

I'd also like to mention that this was the first update that I made on the local disk first THEN uploaded to the server. Have any of you all noticed that the I usually update the page live on the server? One day you may end up on the server and there some random junk on the page because I run tests/updates on the live server which is funny sometimes just because the folks that stumble on the page mid update just see things out of place then it disappears in the next few seconds or minutes, but I think I'll just stick to updating the server on the local disk then pushing the update to the server, sorries!

MAR 12, 2023 //

@ Added more buttons to the BUTTONDEX page.

@ Updated the ~Singularity~ button on the MAIN page.

All I did was change the font to GeoSans since it's the font that I use for the first index page

MAR 09, 2023 //

@ Updated the status feature for shinto on the MAIN page.

So you know when you click shinto on the MAIN page, it shows the recent status. This time, I have it more animated now so yay :D

MAR 07, 2023 //

@ Added some small details to the MAIN page.

Trying to keep the EARTHBOUND effect consistent, so I added the little text box selectors on the bottom right of each text box!

MAR 04, 2023 //

@ Making changes and updates to the toolsN'resources page, finally!

I haven't fully came up with a style yet for this page, but it's going to update slowly overtime.. I'm sorta getting an idea rolling in.

FEB 25, 2023 //

@ Added the null ring to the MAIN page.

Was it just me or when I found out about the null ring.. the ability to join it wasn't exactly working? It kept giving me a DNS error but I guess recently this week, it just started working for me!

@ Added more buttons to the BUTTONDEX page.

@ HUGE optimizations being done to the page!

So I decided to try out TinyPNG/JPG to help out with loading issues with the page and turns out, it worked amazingly well! I was able to cut down the amount of space usage at about -88%!

FEB 23, 2023 //

@ I think I got an idea for the QUITE COSTFUL SANCTUARY?

So like, I've had SO MANY things on the backlog for a while. The Quite Costful Sanctuary is supposed to a "shrine" page while also being a collections page as well. The first thing I'm going to work on are the plushies. So far ever since the iOS 16 update dropped, It makes cropping out objects in a photo fairly easy!

FEB 22, 2023 //

@ Mobile version of the SINGULARITY page has been updated to look similarly as the desktop version!

I've been struggling with getting the desktop version's background to load properly on the mobile version. After many different methods of optimizations and compressions, I think I've got it to a point where the page should be easily loadable now! In fact, I think I'll try some more compressing but for the ENTIRE page. Not sure when I'm going to give it a go yet though.

FEB 13, 2023 //

@ Added some more puzzles to the MAIN page.

I'm probably going to mention this a lot since I tend to add a lot of easter eggs to the page. Most of them are literally done by whatever keys you press while being on the MAIN page. I'm not sure how I'm going to explain that to users that come across the page for the first time, but we'll find a way sooner or later!

FEB 08, 2023 //

@ Added a new referral to the SINGULARITY page.

When I say referral, I mean I've added a new way to access the page from the physical world? For exmaple. I've placed stickers around my campus that have QR codes on it that lead to my website, however if you were to scan the QR code, the page would react differently telling the user congrats for finding the sticker!

But for this case, I gathered some NFC tags, a laminator, and some special matte photo paper and made myself a fursona badge recently because I'm going to take a trip to a con with some of my buddies! The badge was drawn by me and has an NFC tag inside so if you "boop" the badge, it'll take you to the website saying something like "nice to meet you!" while also displaying the badge that you booped from me! Pretty cool right?!

FEB 01, 2023 //

@ Added more buttons to the BUTTONDEX page.

@ Added the date and time to the MAIN page.

Cuz why not?

JAN 31, 2023 //

@ New navigation button accessible on the MAIN page.

I dont know why I didn't have the spotify one open.. lol.

@ Made a logo for the LINKS AND STUFF page.

Well since the page looks like a 3DS, why not make thew style consistent!

@ Added more buttons to the BUTTONDEX page.

JAN 30, 2023 //

@ Added 2 more songs to the SINGULARITY

Yay, more Junya Nakano!!

@ Fixed some issues with linux users not being able top read the text.

So it appears that when linux users went to the MAIN page, the text looked all squashed together vertically. I assumne that the line height is what fixed it all. I wonder why the line height is so small for linux..?

JAN 21, 2023 //

@ Transitions from SINGULARITY to MAIN

I wanted the pages to have some transitions because it makes it feel more alive ya know? This only works for desktop users because mobile has sooo many issues for loading the pages in time.

JAN 18, 2023 //

@ Updated the update bar on the MAIN page.

Just a small update that make the update bar scroll itself back to the top when left alone for about 3-5 seconds. Give it a try!

JAN 17, 2023 //

@ Optimizing and updates to the SINGULARITY page.

I got sick and tired of the ethereal background loading so slow for some users so I decided to split the video into two layers. The particles being its own file and the flowing waves as another file. They're both roughly 2mb so I hope that can load better for most of everyone who visits the page now. Not only that but I added a new track to the page too! It's Angelic by Junya Nakano cuz I REALLY love Junya's work!! It fits so well ^.^

JAN 13, DATE //

@ Layout changes on the MAIN page.

The layout's width looks like it got smaller right? The buttons and web rings have been distributed on the left and right of the grid because I didnt like how clunky the footer was. I plan on adding some extra assets on the right and left for visual effect. Not sure when that'll happen but yeah.

JAN 11, 2023 //

@ Added some more 88x31 buttons to the BUTTON DEX.

JAN 10, 2023 //

@ Added a new ring to the page! :D

I just recently got added to the furry ring! yipee!

JAN 08, 2023 //

@ Updated the SITEMAP since I totally forgot about it haha.

@ Started working on a Web Garden of my own.. I just have to figure out what it is..

@ Added some more 88x31 buttons to the BUTTON DEX.

@ Added a new button to the MAIN page.

Meant to mention that I get analytics/statistics of the page from GoatCounter! It's free and easy to use!

JAN 01, 2023 //

@ Emphasized that the page has a long way to go on the SINGULARITY page lol.

@ Fixed some spacing issues for the desktop navbars on the MAIN page.

@ The New Years Theme is now live, but only for today!

For a quick edit of the page, I decided to add a rainbow look for New Years, while also recycling the confetti from my birthday theme! I mean regardless of resuing some assets, I believe the rainbow look is really awesome looking, and quite satisfying for how far this page has gone.
I started this page in February 2022 for quite a few reasons, but one of them were because I loved the times when the internet felt more personal. I got sick of how mundane sites had become as a result of corporate capitalism taking over everything. As such, I wanted to use this place as an escape from my current reality; like a happy place for me. Thanks neocities team for making this possible for me!

Also, look how far the page has come! This was literally the main page, or really.. the only page!
image host

DEC 31, 2022 //

@ Made some changes to the themes.js

For holiday themes, I didn't want them to save under the user's localStorage because if the holiday passes, the user is still going to see said previous holiday's theme when it's supposed to be set to DEFAULT or whatever theme they had it assigned to. To fix this, I had to make a condition to make sure to NOT save the theme if its a holiday!

DEC 30, 2022 //

@ Added a new social link to the MAIN page, and it's Discord.

So I found out that you can link directly to a discord profile? wowzers! Sketchfab button got replaced since I don't even have account for that page anyways :p

DEC 29, 2022 //

@ The New Years theme is ready to go!

I mean, even though it's ready that doesn't mean I won't make last minute changes to it here and there. Let's just say that the initial look of it is done!

@ Added some more 88x31 buttons to the MAIN page!

DEC 27, 2022 //

@ Trying out free image hosting to save some space.

I'm trying out imgbox to see how it plays out since I heard it was really good. I appreciate the hotlink! So far the only things that are bring used by imgbox are those images that you see right below!

@ Added some more 88x31 buttons to the BUTTON DEX!

@ The creation of this page today!

I was meaning to do this sooner but at least we're getting to it, right? I don't have a full idea on how it's going to look design wise but for now I'll have it slightly similar to the current update iframe to have the skeleton down.

@ Changed the update's overflow

Sooo I finally found out what to put to fix that annoying gap on the right side.. simply just by putting "overflow: overlay;". lol