APR 15, 2024 //

` A major update that you'll barely notice, but bascially it's the univeral settings update! In this update, you'll notice the index page has pages now to navigate through! It's unpolished but it'll be okay soon! Thanks to those of you that have been sticking around since the very beginning! Not only that, I decided to remove the interactive particles on the SINGULARITY page due to it throttling the hardware. The site can also be found on nekoweb

JUN 01, 2023 //

` Happy Pride Month Everyone!! I haven't updated this in forever, but have no fear because I still have been making minor updates to this page daily! I made a HUGE font fix to the Earthbound font since it was VERY outdated and had SEVERAL ERRORS!! But with that change, some certain characters have different symbols so now I have to go fix those here and there. Also click my lil enby flag button below for a lil suprise :D

JAN 01, 2023 //

` HAPPY NEW YEARS! Glad to see you've made it through and i'm proud of you! Let's get those New year's resolutions rolling together! Introducing the colorful NEW YEARS theme, but only for this day!

DEC 01, 2022 //

` HAPPY HOLIDAYS! the page is quite frosty (but only for December!)

OCT 16, 2022 //

` So the GUESTBOOK was finally added! Whew. What an oversight!

OCT 01, 2022 //

` BOO! the page is spoopy (but only for halloween!). Do you like Candy Corn? Because I sure do! I'm an avid candy corn enjoyer!!

AUG 21, 2022 //

` SITEMAP is now accessible.

AUG 04, 2022 //

` More support for 1366x768 users.

JUL 17, 2022 //

` Added a new theme called Alien and changed the Halloween theme name to Peanut to stay consistent.

JULY 07, 2022 //

` You can head back to the intro page by going to the very bottom of the page!

JUN 29, 2022 //

` Added the NEOCITIES page finally.

JUN 28, 2022 //

` I've added themes that you can test out to change the look of the website! It's located right below this with the sparkles next to it!

MAY 29, 2022 //

` LINKS AND COOL STUFF is now accessible and replaced ` Today's Message ` with | Now Playing |

MAY 25, 2022 //

` ROBLOX button has been added and the "RESOURCES AND TOOLS" has been updated.

MAY 22, 2022 //

` Wow! Finally an actual update! This is a huge change on the layout for I can easily organize things. I've also gotten better at understanding the big 3 languages so I've cleaned up a lot of the code since the last time I did a clean up was back in March!

MAY 21, 2022 //

` Decided to move a lot of buttons to a seperate page which is going to be located at the "BUTTON DEX". You can access it only from this update panel because it's eventually going to go to the LINKS page.

APR 23, 2022 //

` Added a "RESOURCES AND TOOLS" button to show the cool things i've found on the internet.

APR 12, 2022 //

` Secrets.. Sounds... more secrets!! Very hidden?! Or in plain sight.. Depending on what inputs you press on this page, something will happen! Also, my button at the bottom clears this page's cache if things aren't updating properly.

MAR 25, 2022 //

` New home! Now the logo makes more sense to the domain name. Welcome to The absolute realm!

MAR 22, 2022 //

` Hilarious. Finally started updating the game's dev-log as I said I would! I'm probably going to update it's layout cuz it looks too bland for me.

MAR 19, 2022 //

` Animated the logo of absolute realm today in AE instead of it being a static image the whole time.

MAR 14, 2022 //

` Finally adding button directories. I also created a "HARDWARE ACCELERATION recommended" button because I didn't realize I didn't have it turned on. You know for uhhh.. streaming on discord reasons..

MAR 11, 2022 //

` I made some stickers that includes a qr code on it that redirect to this website. I placed at least 30 of them around my campus for fun. If you've found one, nice job!!

MAR 02, 2022 //

` I'm calling this place the absolute realm; however, it's still going to be under the shintowanders domain for lore reasons.

FEB 28, 2022 //

` Entirely new site change. Now I can finally remove the construction borders and the "COME BACK LATER" image. I want to go for a more EARTHBOUND style since it's one of my all time favorite games.


Are you a nerd or want to see a more detailed/annoying version of updates that I have behind the scenes? Well FEAR NO MORE! check out this!